What’s Up Doc?

So I’m taking a shot at this whole blogging ordeal.  It’s kind of narcissistic in a sense.  I mean, who am I and why should you care about what I have to say?  But I’m doing it anyway.  If you like the topics I write about, hopefully you’ll like my take on them.  If you don’t like the topic, maybe I’ll say something you laugh or smile at.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll develop an intense hatred of me and everything I stand for and believe in and your entire world will be consumed by thoughts of me.

I’d take any of those, to be honest.  Even if you hate me, you’re thinking about me.  And it’s nice to be thought of.

I’ll be honest (I actually can’t lie – kind of like Jim Carrey in “Liar, Liar”, except I technically can lie, I just choose not to), this is my 2nd attempt at this premiere blog.  I accidentally deleted the first one.  I’m normally pretty technically savvy, but I just fucked up* and didn’t know how to navigate through this site. That’s probably because I didn’t read directions – because directions are for idiots, obviously.

*I tend to swear a lot.  I actually would prefer not to, but I grew up swearing and sometimes that just comes out.  I will try to keep it to a minimum though.  You know, for the kids.

Anyway, yes, I actually AM a doctor.  And I am one of those doctors who treats patients on a daily basis, not a Doctor of Education or a Ph.D. or a doc who doesn’t practice.  Not that there is anything wrong with any of those, I just wanted to clarify that I do, in fact, see patients on a day-to-day basis because I will occasionally mention something that someone did that pissed me off.

I used to write a column in my medical school newsletter that ultimately was shut down because evidently it was offensive to some.  That’s how it is, right?  A couple of pussy assholes who can’t take a joke and have no sense of humor have to ruin it for everyone else by complaining just hard enough to the right people.  Damn political correctness and socialistic views.  You won’t find that here.  I speak my mind.  If you don’t like it, there’s the proverbial door.

No topic is without debate, although there are some that I won’t argue because if you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong.  Or you’re stupid and ignorant and need to be educated.  And I do love teaching people – so you’d be in luck.

Archie Bunker, the lovable bigot father from the 1970s sitcom “All In The Family,” had the following quote said about him by his son-in-law, and I think it sometimes applies to me:

“There are only 3 things you can’t talk to him about: Politics, Religion, and anything else.”

If you’re still reading, and even slightly intrigued, then we’ll have fun.  And away we go …


The doctor is in … NOW!

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